By Keaira Porter

Blueberry Lemon Cake Protein Shake

Move over lemon cake, there's a new shake in town! If you're looking for a tasty treat that's also healthy, this is a great choice. I remember being so excited on Saturday mornings when my grandmother made blueberry muffins and lemon cake for all the kids. The aroma of blueberry muffins and lemon cake filled the house and just for that short amount of time, ALL was right in the world! I wanted to recreate that in a shake, so I hope you enjoy my healthy protein shake rendition.

Here's what you need:

- 1 - 2 scoops of blueberry muffin protein powder

- 8oz - 12oz Plant based milk of your choice 

- Fresh lemon zest 

- Handful of blueberries (optional)


Pour milk into blender, add protein, blueberries and lemon zest (your preference of how much) then blend together. Enjoy!




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