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FIT N’ FINE Challenge

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FIT N' FINE Challenge is not a physical product.


Keaira LaShae’s favorite GO TO workouts for MAXIMUM RESULTS and insane calorie burn! This challenge is loaded with the most effective exercises that will increase stamina and burn calories 24-72 hours after completion for AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS.

THIS CHALLENGE IS LOCATED ON IFYOUCANMOVE.COM in challenge dashboard once you sign in.

Here's what you get:


- 25 days of fun workouts

- Nutrition plan, healthy recipes and more

 - Private Facebook community

- Learn fun combos and get amazing results

- Get confident, happy, and healthy for the summer 

You'll also have access to our private online community of people just like you helping to motivate and push you to the finish line!

Please note: ALL challenge workouts are located in our online gym's challenge dashboard at so remember to create an account once you purchase. Use same email that you used to purchase this challenge. 

You can also use our NEW If You Can Move APP to access workouts. Download app after you create an account on our website

Workouts can be done at anytime for the duration of the challenge. Once challenge is over, you'll only be able to access workouts in SUPER MEMBERSHIP along with all past, present and future challenges. 


If you have any questions regarding challenges, please reach out via email at and the team will be happy to help!




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Supplements FAQ page 

Can proteins be used as a meal replacement? 

- Yes our proteins can be used as a meal replacement

Can proteins help with weight loss? 

- Yes, our proteins can help you lose weight. Our protein is only 114 calories per scoop. If you mix with low calorie veggies and fruit it will help with weight loss. For example, blend with water instead of milk to keep the calories low.

Can protein help with weight gain? 

- Yes, our protein can help with weight gain if healthy fats and/or higher calorie ingredients are added to your shake. For example, you can add ingredients like cashews, avocados, coconut oil, walnuts, etc. You can also drink our proteins with your meals to add more calories to your diet.

Are your supplements safe for breastfeeding?

- Our supplements are safe for most breastfeeding mommies, although we always advise to ask health care physician before consuming

Are your supplements safe for pregnancy? 

- Our proteins are safe for pregnancy, a lot of mommies to be drink our energy supplements as well but we always advise to ask your health care physician before consuming. We do not suggest pregnant women take Sleep N Burn.

Are your proteins keto friendly?

- Yes, our proteins are keto friendly with less than 5 grams of carbs and no sugar. 


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