Frequently asked questions

Yes our proteins can be used as a meal replacement. We recommend drinking 2 -3 times a day with nutritious meals in between for healthy weight loss.

Our products are great for men and women. Our proteins, fat burners and energy supplements are a great addition to your daily regimen to enhance results for a healthier lifestyle!

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We highly recommend our fat burners and proteins for weight loss.

You can also pair with our ultimate waist wrap and drip cream for slimming the waist line.

- Yes, our proteins can help with weight gain if healthy fats and/or higher calorie ingredients are added to your shake. For example, you can add ingredients like cashews, avocados, coconut oil, walnuts, etc. You can also drink our proteins alongside your meals to add more calories to your diet.

- Our proteins are safe for most pregnant and breastfeeding mommies, however we always advise to ask health care physician before consuming

- We do not recommend our fat burners or energy supplements during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Yes our products are diabetic friendly as they have no sugar added.

However, we advise asking your primary health provider to see if this product is right for you.

Our proteins are a hit with the kiddos and pediatrician approved!

We do not recommend our fat burners or energy supplements for children.

Our energy rush does not make you feel jittery and does not give the crash and burn feeling afterwards.

Some may experience a tingling feeling.

We also recommend testing out with half the serving to test your caffeine and b vitamin tolerance.

Our nutrition facts for all products are listed here

Yes! Highly recommended as our proteins should not upset the stomach. They are great for drinking as meals when needed. Our bariatric patient customers love our products!