Grooving Through Fitness: The Dance N' Tone BYOW with Suzi Q. Smith

Article published at: Feb 1, 2024
Grooving Through Fitness: The Dance N' Tone BYOW with Suzi Q. Smith
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Let's celebrate MOVEMENT with one of our MOVE members and our favorite feature from If You Can Move fitness app: Build Your Own Workout (BYOW). BYOW allows you to create your own workout according to your mood. You can even play your own music while getting your sweat on! With categories from dance to kickboxing all the way to calisthenics, cardio, and everything in between! You also have the option to choose which level you want to rock with. BYOW is a crowd favorite because no matter your energy or fitness level, there's something for everyone!

Meet Suzi Q. Smith, a fitness enthusiast who's been rocking the MOVE community for nearly four years. Suzi is all about that movement life, using it as a medium to express gratitude, build strength, and release stress. In this blog, she unveils her signature combo – Dance N' Tone – a unique fusion of Trap N' Tone, Dance Tabata, and Janet Jackson's "If."

About Suzi: Suzi found her fitness home with MOVE, where she's not just a participant but an integral part of a supportive community that keeps her hooked. Her fitness journey is more than just physical; it's a celebration of movement as a form of self-expression.

Dance N' Tone: Suzi's workout of choice, Dance N' Tone, is a dynamic blend of high-energy Trap N' Tone, the exhilaration of Dance Tabata, and the timeless rhythm of Janet Jackson's "If." It's not just about breaking a sweat but relishing every move, every beat, and letting the music take control.

Inspiration: Suzi draws inspiration from various sources – the intensity of Trap N' Tone, the fun factor of Dance Tabata, and the rhythm of Janet Jackson. The result is a workout that challenges her physically, engages her mind, and leaves her feeling invigorated.

Post-Workout Ritual: After a Dance N' Tone session, Suzi's ritual involves a post-workout shake – the Just Move Blueberry Muffin protein with kale & banana. Packed with antioxidants and natural sweetness, it's her way of replenishing energy and wrapping up the holistic fitness experience.


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